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Yes you can become addicted to steroids just not the kind that prednisone is in. The steroids that you can get hooked on are anabolics like decaburabolin, winstrol, even testosterone etc. The ones every body builder uses. Trust me you can not get ripped like they do without steroids or growth hormone, they all do it. Problem is that as soon as you are off cycle and stop for a long time you loose all the muscle and they can't handle it so they are mental addicts with a touch of body dysmorphic d/o.

Prednisone is an anti inflamatory and immune suppresant. You can not become addicted to it. If you have to use it long term the side effects alone make people who really should be on it discontinue taking it. You puff up like a balloon and are generally miserable, so unless someone likes weighing an extra 20 lbs mostly ion the face and abdomen, getting sick and so on then you shouldn't get hooked on prednisone.