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I used testosterone-ethanate and winstrol and sometimes testosterone suspension. I only did 1.5 ml or cc (not sure what one is correct) once a week for 7 weeks. I did not do the injection myself and I am happy with the results other than this cyst. This was not given to be by a doctor but was administered with a fresh packaged needle everytime. The injection in question was the one and only one in the shoulder. It immediately swelled and and I debated going to a doctor back then. Now 2 years later all I have is a lump under my skin. Will I have to live with this lump for ever?
Thank you.

Also that 1.5 was .75 testosterone plus .75 winstrol. Do I have to tell them it was steriods? I was told to say I was injecting vitamin B12 if I was ever asked. I just got new health insurance through my work and have never seen this doctor will my work find out?