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I went to my eye doctor's for another full exam (I was transferred to this one because of insurance reasons, and he's a glaucoma specialist). I had my pressure checked, the eye chart to see how well you can read, the magnifying glass to see inside your eye, and the back of my eyes.
The nurse who did the pressure check and the magnifying glass, said my pressure is now 24 and 25 (I am using my eye drops every night), and she identified my eye problem as "narrow angle glaucoma", when she looked in my eyes with the magnifying glass. She said to me that the doctor will have to check on this...later he came in and did some tests on me.
The doctor said also, like the nurse, that my condition is "narrow angle glaucoma suspect", which means when the pressure is higher, I will have an "sudden onset glaucoma attack", and I can lose my vision in a matter of days if untreated. The "attacks" are NOT predictable, so it's serious.
He said that my tear ducts are very narrow. When I was on Xalatan, my eye pressure was in the early 20s, so that's why I switched to Lumigan a year ago...the Lumigan dropped my pressure to 17 or 18 (which is my first time that low)...now the Lumigan is not working well for me anymore. Now it's 24 and 25...the last time before this one was 24 in both eyes. :(
So, since I am a good candidate of getting an "attack", he recommended laser surgery so my pressure will go down. He will do the right eye first, and if that works, he will do the other eye.
I know the surgery will be painless and I will be off from one day of work, but:

1. Can you explain to me how this type of surgery will work?
2. What are your experiences with laser iristomy (sp?)for narrow angle glaucoma? Does it really hurt?