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Well, I've had these glasses now about a month and a half at the most, and already, my eyes are just about too strong for them! I have the very tiny beginnings of cataracts, but they are not growing fast enough to be causing this, I don't think. I use Xalatan for glaucoma control. There are no answers to be had from my opthalmologist. I was seen by a retinal specialist, everything looked "beautiful" in his words. I don't know what to do except be miserable or just be happy I can see good ONE month out of the year! I can't afford new glasses every two months, so there I stand. Of course, bifocal length is managable just by holding stuff out a bit further as this rapid change keeps coming at me, but distance, you can't push it away further. I've heard that even early cataract stages can cause a need for changes in glasses often, but this is ridiculous. It's possible, I may have them weaken back some as they can do. Even how deeply I sleep or the amount of sleep I get seems to affect this. Giving my eyes "room to change" by getting weaker and weaker lenses only seems to encourage a more rapid change.

I feel no one else is having a similiar problem, but if so, don't be bashful--I don't bite, and if I do, I've had my shots :D ! Just post your pinkies off!