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I am 34 years old and have high IOP due to Pigment Dispersion Syndrome.

I have taken Xalatan at night for over a year and that has so far controled my problem. To my knowledge, there has been no noticeable damage to my eye. I saw my Opthamologist last in January. Pressures were 18 and 18. After that I started running. Started with one mile and got up to 5 miles 3-4 times a week.

About a month ago, I noticed in certain light that I could see a dark area that looked like a crack in the inside corner of my left eye's field of vision. It extends out from the corner of my field of vision to about a third of the way across. It's kind of shaped like a lightning bolt as it branches out into two in the corner of my eye. It's always there, but I can only see it in moderate light, not in bright light. I can't tell if it's a long and thin blind spot or what's going on. Does this sound familiar? I'm seeing my Opthamologist tomorrow.