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Hello- Well, TWO goopless days in a row!:D Oh, I had my usual skim over my eyes when I woke up, but it gradually broke up. Most a.m.'s, I'll use this GenTeal Lubricant Eye Drops (Moderate).
I may try using it at night until the Dr. visit. I forgot to mention, I use Xalatan for glaucoma every other night.

Thanks for the tip on the ointment. I will mention this too, to the doc.

Yes, Elyse, the eyes definitely dry out overnight! In fact, they start drying anywhere from 8:00 at night on until bedtime around 10:30.
Ever since I was a teen, I would have spells where my eyes would burn like fire, then tear, now it's this other stuff.

Well, gonna scat--thanks again, and take care,