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I feel sorry to hear that you are going through fibromyalgia.I hope this is not affecting too much your life.If your vision field is ok,you shouldn't have any worry.As for the laser operation procedure,it will be under local anesthesia,and you can get back home 1/2 hour later on.But I think that in some cases,drops will be needed after laser surgery.My dad still has drops(laxatan).Have you tried to check your cornea thickness in a hospital?After the recent researches,it says that your eyes pressure is depend on your cornea thickness.I have myself a glaucoma too,and they found out that my cornea is too thin,so for a pressure of 13,because of my cornea,the pressure would be in reality,16,indeed,and my doctor put me under xalatan.Your should talk about this(cornea thickness)to your doctor.
Thanks toinou, I had never heard of cornea thickness. I will ask
the doctor when I see him on March 1st. I use Xalatan also, but it
really bothers my eyes. I sure wish there was a simplier treatment.
It is nice of you to answer so quickley.
Hi Dakota, If drops worked really good for me, I'd forget the laser
surgery. The drops make my eyes feel tired in the AM. It bothers
my eyes to read before 10am and it also causes discoloration under
my eyes that's hard to cover with makeup. I'm not sure the Eye
Foundation in Birmingham Al does the ECP laser surgery, but I'll find
out on March 1st. I'm so tired of the drops (Xalatan) but I sure don't
want damage to the optic nerve so I'll do what I have to do to keep
the pressure under control. I'll let you know what I find out on March 1st.
Thanks for the reply.