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Ah, think things are okay now.

That is horrible about your retina detaching! Also about the speedy cataract. I have a very thorough and caring opthal, and he checks for everything. I've had manageable glaucoma since 1990 or so, a suspect of it since the early 80's. I use Xalatan for that.
The pressure is doing good, and they even did a new test to check the optic nerve--in very good shape as well as the retinas. All my problems seem to be in the "front end" of the eyes. I will ask him if there is any slim chance of this being a brain problem, but I don't think so due to no headaches or other stuff.

Well, I'm 57 pushing 58 with my brakes applied, but it isn't helping!:D I wonder how you are seeing now? The Dr. said, and others, that it really helps to get those things out, a new lens in, and you're good to go. Thanks for the good luck wishes, and the best to you always.