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Hey, Sis! (hope that ain't forward!lol!)
Well, I'm square one--(made a separate thread about it). I got up with the left eye out of whack again. I think I'm getting two days out of every month to month and half, where the moon and sun are in the right positions, and I see normally for two days with the left eye! When it's not real dry, and no goop, it is STILL blurred (too strong or weak for my sets of glasses). Some times, it's so bad, no Rx will help.

I tried keeping a log for a while on how I was seeing until it became "bad every day", then I knew where this had led me! I see the opthal tomorrow, and I'm feeling like he will put me on a new glaucoma drop. I can't say the Xalatan was fault, because I am still having problems--the goop is back with a vengeance! Besides, if it was an allergy to the Xalatan, why wouldn't the rt. eye also be fouled out? Good question! My jury is still out on it being the Xalatan.

Yep, I need to ask the type dye they want to insult my body with. I did fine with an injection they used for a body scan a while back--no side effects at all! If it could be that same stuf, which I doubt it will be, I know I'd be good with it. I'm also, as you say, tempted to ask if they could tell enough without the dye.

I'm sorry about your goop-I got it too! I sat through church with Barb with it ducking in and out on me when I'd blink. Got home, got my Q-Tip shovel and got out two blobs. It's already feeling gooped again! I'm just very discouraged.

Later, Sis Elyse- ( We are kind of a brother & sister in suffering! )