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Well, here are the results of my visit with my main opthal this a.m. If you share this with your Dr., that would be fine.

He has put me on a month's course of Doxycycline to try to clear up the stubborn stye and blepharitis. He insists that these are what is causing the blurring. I just hope I can take the stuff that long! The last time I took it for a sinus infection, I had to bail out on it. It began to affect my anxiety, which in turn, hit my stomach. I've taken it for years for different infections, and did well with it. I'll be taking it twice a day, the 100mg. size.

I did mention about some have agreed with me that this could be neurological, causing the changes etc., and that my main Dr. wanted an MRI to rule out anything bad. Would you believe he had NO COMMENT!? He is a very nice Dr., but not commenting on what I told him plus being headstrong in his beliefs that this is all from the bleph. and stye, makes me wonder about him and leave with feelings of...(??)

He said, however, that the course of Doxy is a way of avoiding a more invasive method of surgically draining the stye or injecting medication into the lid which would be quite painful. He is trying to save me some suffering and pain there.

That is what happened, Sis Elyse. I wish I knew better news. He really feels my vision will clear up once the Doxy kicks in. Well, the reason I have doubts there is, I was full of antibiotics during my winter illnesses, flu and whatever else, and could tell little difference, other than I guess my eye was some better then. So, we will see. I also reminded him of the time he met me down at the office on July 4, two years ago when the left eye made that first sudden change. He just stared!! I mean, I don't think I even had blepharitis then!

What do I do, Sis? I'm at a bit of a loss as I've been the whole lousy time. Again, what I wouldn't give to see your doctor! He told me, in encouraging tones as he left the room to hang in there, not give up.

Oh, also, even being off Xalatan for two weeks, my pressures are still good at 20 each. He didn't want me on a glaucoma med due to those being irritating to the eye.

He's not a bad doc at all, just wish he would make comments on what I said.