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Hi all, to say im shell shocked would be an understatement,just been told by the eye hospital i have glaucoma in both eyes, worse in the right. Have been given the drops (Xalatan--Latanoprost) to put in every night. I have many questions, so dont be shy.
1.How the bloody hell do you put the eyedrops in?And at what time should i use them, just b4 bed or an hour or two b4?
2.Are there any sports that cannot or recommended not be done?(this includes jumping on a trampaline)(its the kids, yes i know,but we are all kids a heart)
3.Plane travel,long haull, short haull, if at all?
4.Can i use any other medication, ie asprin, hayfever, tabs,beer(budd)!!
5.computer use, is it ok to carry on useing it,(i use one at work 8hrs a day on and off) and which screen is the best option, lcd or crt?
6.I enjoy a hot bath, not good for the blood pressure i hear, what about eye pressure?
7.Are there any foods, natural remadies that may help the condition?
8. And to end for now,do the drops make the eyes more sesitive to light?

Many thanks for reading, any feedback would be helpfull,

Oh and by the waY ,im a 37 year old male with no family history at all of the above condition so any views on what may have contributed would also help.

Hi Johnthebom, Sorry to hear the news i have lived with Congenital Glaucoma for 45 years now. I'm almost blind out of my left eye and i have fairly good vision in my right eye using glasses.
I also had problems getting use to taking eye drops. I take my eye drops in bed just before i go to sleep and when i just wake up in the mornings. I'm on Xalatan and Ocupress.. I can tell you that for me Xalatan lowered my eye pressure (iop) and i have no side effects maybe a little iching for a minute or so.
Far as i know you can live a normal life and do just about anything. Smoking can increase your eye pressure ( I smoked for 20 years i stoped 8 years ago) and make sure you see your Dr. you don't want to lose your eye sight.
Oh yes i take Xalatan at bedtime. I wish you well.