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[QUOTE=Anxiety Man]Hey, Purple-- I got out my old crystal ball the other day, and now, each time you post, the names Madeline and Harold keep coming onto it. I don't know where it's getting that.

Tony, I don't know why you would be thinking of my parents names. (Come on, I must have mentioned my parents names before, right? Why else would you be thinking of them?) Are you psychic? Can you tell me when I will stop being sickk? I'd like exact dates and time please. :D

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I've been very busy with work and school. Thank God I have a magnifying glass, cause those textbooks sure do have small print in them! (or small for me, at least.)

I tell ya, sometimes my students make me laugh. Yesterday my eyes were particularly itchy, even for me. They were really watery and red all day. So I was wiping and blotting and blinking and squinting all day. Children are very keen observers. One boy asked me what was wrong and I told him not to worry, that it is just allergies. He's in third grade, so he's probably 8 or 9 years old. He sat there and thought about this for a minute, and then said "You know, that's bad. You hould see a doctor about that!" I said "you know, you're right. Thanks." Then I was laughing so hard that the kids started laughing too, even though they didn't know what was so funny! Here is this little 8 year old giving me medical advice! LOL!

I have an ophthalmology appointment tomorrow. My parents (Yes Tony, Madeleine and Harold!) had appointments on monday. He's very pleased with both of their sets of eyes. My mom has high IOP but on Xalatan it is steady at 15. My dad has healthy eyes (how he's a blood relative I don't know!). Even my mom's slight dryness is getting better. He told her he is very happy with her eyes. I told her "congratulations, I wish he'd say the same to me."