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I am so glad to have found this support group. Most people I know have never heard about RCE, let alone can imagine the pain of it.

I first developed RCE about 7 years ago or so. I have several contributing factors: glaucoma, map dot fingerprint dystrophy (I think the doc also calls it basement membrane dystrophy), dry eye syndrome, and a current infection causing added swelling.

I often get the torturous, severe erosions that feel like someone is stabbed me in the eye with a toothpick. I don't recall ever having gone more than three months without that kind of severe erosion. I also get the smaller erosions that just feel like I have a few grains of sand in my eye, but I can deal with that without whining.

In early September I went through a bad bout of attacks nightly for about ten days. Before that I had been using just the Muro 128 ointment at night and Systane artificial tears during the day. The doc suggested I add back the Muro 128 drops four times a day and if I wake up during the night to use the bathroom, to reapply the ointment to hold me over until I wake up in the morning. I continued with some minor erosions and a few stabbing pain erosions for about two weeks, then was free of attacks for about ten days. Then I had stabbing attacks four days in a row. One of those severe erosions got infected and I awoke on a Sunday morning in excruciating pain and couldn't even stand light in the house with the shades drawn and wearing sunglasses. For the first few days I could see only light, then I gradually began to see huge letters on the eye chart. My vision is just about returned to normal--just a line or so away on the chart and perhaps when the contact lens bandage is removed I'll be able to read as well as before the last erosion and infection.

My opthalmologist is wonderful. Because I have so many other eye problems, I elected not to go to an emergency room, but called her answering service at 10AM on Sunday, Sept. 9th and she told me to meet her at her office at noon. The erosion was bad, as was the infection.

She put on a contact lens bandage, which I'm still wearing, and prescribed Hydrocodone for the pain, which may have slightly taken the edge off the pain, but the pain remained severe for a few days.

I was putting in Zymar antibiotic every hour for the first five days, then every two hours for about two weeks, and currently four times a day.
I was at first prescribed Acular for the swelling but that didn't work, so now I'm on Lotemax corticosteroid. The infection isn't healing because of the swelling, and the swelling has so many contributing factors because of other chronic eye problems. The Lotemax is working. I'm now being weaned off the steroid at one drop per day. And as of yesterday it's still infected, but at least the infection is under control and not spreading.

My whole day is pre-occupied with medicating my eyes. It's really annoying, but beats the heck out of being blind or having more painful erosions. I'm on eight different meds--three for the infected eye and five in the "good eye."

My meds are currently:

Infected eye:
--Zymar antibiotic four times a day
--Muro 128 drops four times a day
--Refresh Plus Tears as needed-- as frequently as hourly.

"Good" eye:
--Muro 128 drops four times a day
--Restasis for dry eye syndrome twice a day
--Systane drops artificial tears as needed--but I seem to need them only three times a day or so.
--Xalatan for glaucoma at bedtime. (Contra-indicated right now in the infected eye.)
--Muro 128 ointment at bedtime and every time I awaken for a bathroom trip, which is about 2-3 times a night.

I'm going to ask the doc if she thinks Genteal Gel may be worth a try and talk to her about B vitamin supplements which someone suggested to me, and ask her about increasing my omega 3 fish oil supplement which I currently take to help lower my triglycerides.

If I continue having these severe, painful erosions I may ask the doc about PTK. She is also a surgeon, so I'd want her to do it.

Evie, wishing you much success with your PTK on October 11. :)