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Over the past 10-12 years I've been treated with various eye drops for my eye pressure--work for a while the quit working. Have had laser surgery twice, the last one just a year ago. My pressure was 18 in both eyes in January & is now 26 in both eyes. Will be seeing my opthamologsit Friday morning & I'm very scared. I'm only 55 ( only?) & am so worried about going blind.
I searched the internet to see what pther eye drops I could try, but most are wither beta blockers or sulfa--I can't take either due to Lupus. I presently take Xalatan, but seems it is not working anymore. Have tried Alphagan along with the Xalatan in the past but developed an allergy to it.

Will the next step be more extensive surgery? Trabeculectomy? Has anyone here had that ? If so, would you share what it was like & if it worked ?
Any other treatments available that any one knows of ?

Thanks in advance for any advice--I've got myself so worked up over this.

Hi Kate,

I have had glaucoma all my life and I'm 46 years old. My opthamologist started me on eye drops about 6 years ago. I started taking one drop twice a day then that didn't work so then she added another eye drops and that work for awhile now i'm on two types of eye drop two times a day.

Have you tried Ocupress and Xalatan? I've been on them two drugs now for about 2 1/2 years now. them two drugs together seems to be working for me.
I have very poor vision in my left eye and we are trying to save it in case I loose my right eye. My pressures have been 18 in my left eye and 16 in my right. Before I was taking meds for the eye it was up too around 25 in my left and 18 or so in my right. By the way I don't have any reactions from them two drugs well maybe a very slight ichy eye for a couple of minutes if that.

Anyway I wish you well and I hope you don't worry too much.