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My mother has glaucoma. She's on pylopine gel, xalatan and cosopt for this. She was also diagnosed with an irregular cornea last week and thereafter given Lotemax drops and Basitracin ointment along with a regiment of hot compresses along with scrubbing eye w/ diluted baby shampoo and water. My mom's left eye over the course of a week ballooned, got red, swollen.

My mom has cancer and her hemotologist even wanted to do an MRI on her eye to make sure she hadn't developed a lesion/tumor as a result of the cancer (fortunately it was negative).

My mom is very stubborn, refused to go to the ER w/ me, said she's going to see her glaucoma specialist tomorrow and couldn't afford ER (her medicare only pays 80%. I offered to pay the remaining 20 but mom refused). The corneal specialist told us it could possibly be an allergic reaction to all the drugs and pulled her off the meds he had her on.

I'm wondering what this could be. I'm very concerned. Her eye is now blood red and extremely swollen. Anybody ever experience this before? Could it be her pressure?