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[QUOTE=don65;3472869]The doctor has me on a daily dosage fo 81 mg asprin as a blood thinner. I recall sometime in my past that my eye doctor told me that since I had glaucoma, I wasn't suppose to take any form of blood thinner including asprin. Has anyone hear this before?

I have had one good eye and I don't want anything to cause me to loose the sight in that eye.

Thank you.

don65 I'm a 48 year old male and I have Congenital Glaucoma. and I've been taking 81 mg asprin daily for about 3 years now and my eye doctor knows that I'm taking it and hasn't said not to take it. I also have one good eye (right eye) and my other eye I don't have much use. I'm taking three meds Ocupress, Alphagan P and Xalatan.

But for your safety call your eye doctor and ask. Good luck! Ken