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[QUOTE=JohnUK;3543745]You are taking antivirals for your menieres disease, how is this working out for you? is it helpful?

How is taking this medication helping your autophony symptoms? Can you shed any light as to why and how you are achieving relief from your autophony with those drugs?

The antivirals made a very significant difference to the good for me. I had tried prednisone twice and some other things as well as changed my diet and while symptoms did fluctuate I never had improvement to equal what I have gotten from the antivirals. I cannot tell you why or how the autophony relates to the hydrops in my case, only that they happened on the same day and fluctuated together and went away (almost) together. I speculate (but I do not necessarily think my otot concurs) that IN MY CASE my hydrops was secondary to some viral thing going on in the eustachian tube or some part of the middle ear. I do not know that.

I probably should also note that I had a very bad case of cmv (cytomegalavirus) mono the previous year. I thought I had finally gotten over the residual tiredness, swollen spleen etc about 5 months before. So a person might make a case that this was the cmv reactivating. CMV is one of the many herpes family. If you check out those articles there is a school of thought that Menieres is viral in origin with one or more of the herpes family suspect. (Most everyone has some kind of herpes virus in their body - chicken pox etc). My own opinion, after hanging out with a number of Meniere's patients on line is that Meniere's probably has several origins with similar symptoms. THe autophony is so unclassic for hydrops that one dr told me I was confusing it with background noise (i wish) and another told me I had PET and it started at a different time than the hearing distortion but I just didn't notice (like they could be overlooked). Anyway, I can't answer your question, it remains a mystery.

I will say that as the hearing issues cleared up the autophony got better first (by a day or two) and fluctuations did continue 2 steps forward and one step back for a period of a month or two but now it is very significantly better. As it got better, I also had the sensation of some kind of sinus drainage thing happening behind my nose and in the ear area but I never felt any sore throat or anything like you usually do with sinus drainage.

I believe based on timing that it was the antiviral that has made the 'cure'. I did also discontinue xalatan eye drops for glaucoma a week before I started the antiviral. I do not believe that was the culprit because I discontinued it for 3 weeks last summer with no improvement but I mention it just in case someone else has a parallel.

I honestly don't have all the answers but I would talk with the dr about the possibility of giving it a try if nothing else is working and s/he doesn't see any risk.

Check out the articles. Good luck

OH, I do believe I had PET. It responded when I turned my head upside down etc. But somehow the pet was related to the hydrops. I tried the estrdiol nose spray and that my everything immediately much worse.