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I also have glaucoma. I was diagnosed over 2 years ago. My pressure was about 34 in each eye. The glaucoma is worse in my left eye. I had a trab procedure done in my right eye at the same time that I had a cataract removed over a year ago. I had no problem with it at all. The good part is no more drops in my right eye. My pressure stays very low in right eye usually between 5-10. The highest it has been was 12.

I do still use cosopt drops morning and evening and xalatan only in the evening in my left eye. My pressure in left eye is usually between 12-17, no higher. At some point if I develop a cataract in left eye, I will probably have trab surgery in left eye also. One thing encouraging is that if you take your meds every day as directed, they will keep your pressure under control and you will probably never loose your vision. But you have to get your pressure under control. You shouldn't have any problem with the procedure. Keep posting on your progress.

Thanks so much for your quick reply! I am so glad to hear you didn't have any problems. I tried the Xalatan but it caused extreme chest pressure with me. I am now on Timolol in the mornings, (causes diarrhea) and a new one at night I haven't tried yet called Travatan which I am suppose to take at night. I will try it tomorrow night so if I get any side effects it will be on Saturday and I won't have to go to work. I can hardly wait until my pressure is normal again. Thanks again. I'll keep you posted. Soph