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BTW if 21 is considered to be within the normal range, should I go ahead to see an eye doctor.

Sorry, if I have not used the right word, maybe you're right, he's an optometrist.
He precribes eye glasses.

I used to have my IOP checked from time to time, in fact it varies from 17-21 for years.

I'm 53. It's been more than a year since I've stopped using Xalatan. I had about 3 VFT. It comes out more or less normal. I only missed a few spots which are considered as normal.

BTW I don't really want to be too long here, as it's not easy for me to write in English.

Just would like to know if it's possible to send a PM here

Thanks for your assistance.
My IOP varies for years between 17-21
That's a good question to ask why I had VFT then.

In fact, after a routine check, my IOP was around 19-21. My doctor put me on Xalatan eye drops. I have been using drops for about one year. I only stopped about 18 months ago.

My eye doctor prescribed me the drops to lower my IOP. Effectively it lowers my IOP to around 13-15. It was too expensive for me to continue with such drops + frequent VFT. I, therefore decided to stop such treatment.

I also want to mention again: 20 years ago, my IOP was high and my doctor (not same as above) put me on drops (forget the name). I had been using the drops for a few weeks, when I was advised by a friend to get a second opinion from another doctor. Thus without drops, my IOP was still around 12 for months and even few years later. Thus it was not necessary for me to continue on drops as per doctor's advice.

Hope it's not too long and clear enough.