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Hi Okiegal,
I have a fear of having yearly female exams due to having a severe infection in a few of the Discs in my back in 97...Ever since then it hurts and is very uncomfortable to lay on a hard flat surface.It bothers me so much I can have a Panic Attack from the fear!!!Also the exam tables are narrow and makes a heavier gal feel leary...Im sorry to hear that the Gyn you went to before was rough and wouldn't stop.Since you have PD if you feel comfortable in taking Xanax I would take a Xanax and deep breathe before going.I would also call in advance and talk to them about your fears.If you have a walk-man I would listen to a relaxation tape or soft music that eases you.You can also visualize a calm and soothing place you would like to be.Your husband can also go to offer you support..Regarding your worry about the doctor finding something wrong,if he does it can be caught and treated.If you have PD,do you drink Decaf Coffee or regular?I have PD and I do all I can to steer clear from Caffeine as its a stimulant and makes me more Anxious.I had a light blue discharge from my R breast a few years ago that I still have and I had a Mammogram,Ultrasound and Culture/Smear.I was the same age as you were when I had these tests.I dont see any reason why your Gyn wouldn't order for you to have these.Young women can have problems just the same as older women(not saying its anything serious).I have a Gyn appt the 20th and just like you Im dreading it..Would rather have a horse whipping,but I know I must have it done..I wish you all the best and will be there in spirit holding you hand :) Please let us know how it went..