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I was wondering if anyone has hot flashes at the age of 34. I have been having them for about 4 years I think. The only thing is when I get one I feel sweaty, hot face feels beat red and I feel like I'm going to pass out and throw up. Is this a hot flash or something else? Doctors say I'm too young and give me xanax. I still get them and they are always the second half of my cycle the closer I get to my period and night sweats start the week before my period and during my period. Any help?
You are definately not to young for hot flashes. Follow blastoffs advice and find a doc who will check you out thoroughly. You could well be starting perimenopause or have some other problem. Xanax is a coverup and not a solution nor a diagnosis for your problem. Find a doc who will work with you on this and give you a proper diagnsosis.