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I looked through the various categories here but did'nt know where to post so I thought I'd just do it here in the "general" forum.

I get this feeling in my head every so often and it's a difficult feeling to explain. It's the feeling you would get if you were addicted to something. A longing feeling like your brain is straining against
withdrawl and hungry for whatever it is you are addicted to. The only thing is, I'm not addicted to anything (that I know of).

I do chew (tobbacco) and I take xanax pretty regularly but only in small amounts. The other thing is that I used to be an alcoholic and drank a case of beer or more every day for about a year and a half.

While I stopped drinking over a year ago, I have heard that once you become an alcoholic, you are an alcoholic for life and that the alcohol permenantly changes your brain so that you are always addicted (I hope his is'nt really true).

I never really even think about alcohol and it's not like I'm walking around thinking "OMG what I would'nt give right now for an icey cold beer!!" or anything. In fact, when I even think about alcohol, it makes me very angry because of what alcohol did to my life and how it caused a great stress on my freinds and family. Still, I am wondering if these feelings I get could be caused by the fact that I was once an alcoholic.

A few other things real quick. I have generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, weird foggy head feelings at times, bouts of depression and Tourette's Syndrome. Speaking of Tourette's Syndrome, I should tell you all that before I am about to have a Tourette's "spasm", I will get a sort of "build up" of energy in my head and then it finally comes out in the form of a loud shout or jerking of various body parts, etc. The feeling I get in my head might be caused by this too. I'm not sure. Also, Xanax is funny because you never know wether your suffering from REAL anxiety, withdrawl from it or side effects from it so maybe this has something to do with it too.

Can anyone in here relate to any of this?. I know it sounds pretty


- Thank's