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by thinking do you mean worrying? or is it philosophical, or is it obsesive, such as having to get the laundry done, what items you need to get at the store, how many light bulbs are in your house and when are they going to burn out, ect,ect?

I had a hard time switching my brain off at night for a very long time, then I was prescribed xanax, the smallest dosage available, and it works like a charm! I fall asleep relatively quickly and I have no after affects in the morning, like being groggy or uncoordinated. The thing is with xanax, it can become habit forming, so you should take it a few nights in a row, then skip a few, after a few months of this, you should be in a good pattern for falling asleep. I was told it was a bad habit, my constant thinking before falling asleep. Once I corrected the behavior, I have no problem and I do not need medication anymore.

PS: I too was on paxil for a few years, but it didnt do too much for me, I still found my mind busy with thought when going to bed, sure, it helped me emotionaly, but not in getting a good night's sleep.

Talk to your doctor about this.

goodest luckest