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I have been taking Xanax (.025mg) off and on for the last 7 years ever since I had a MAJOR panic attack over an AIDS scare I had when we used to live at another location.

I always thought I could just "get off of it" until I tried going without for 4 days and I'm telling you, it made a mad man out of me and I ended up at the clinic. I was very quick to get angry, aggressive, abrasive and argumentative with other people and I always seemed to get into a debate with them. I also have aches and pains in my abdomen and elsewhere but my WORST symptom is just feeling completely washed out...like you would feel if you had a hangover or something (ie; weak, achey, tired, grumpy, etc).

Can Xanax withdrawal do all of these things to you?. What is it like and how long will it take this evil beast to unleash it's hold on me?. Have any of you "been there - done that" and can you share your story with me please so I know if this is the Xanax doing these things to me and what I can expect?

I can tell you if you have taken Xanax consistently for seven years, there is no way you can quite cold turkey. You have to taper of gradually. I take Xanax for chonic pain/aniexty and have for several years and if I try to go 24 hours without it I started getting kinda worked up and feel hyper. Obviously I am hooked, but with the problems I live with it's one of things he recommends. But no way should you go off cold turkey.