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Hi Sharalee,
You responded to a couple of my threads before. While still in the quest to get to the bottom of my "sudden hearing loss", which as I had previously mentioned has gotten some hearing back since the onset (almost two months ago) but still have signifacant loss with muffled, dullness, ringing and the distortion in my voice and others when speaking at a medium level has become more ongoing.
I had come accross your suggestion of seeing a Neurotologist to another member. You mentioned they were in Chicago and the name is Nathan Scher. I live in a Northern Suburb of Chicago so it would be very convenient since it's hard enough just to find one of these specialists. However, I looked him up on the web and all I could find was a "Natan" or "Naten" Scher (no "Nathan") and he's listed under Ear, Nose and Throat.
Not sure if he's the right one. If you have the info on this Dr., could you please let me know what town (suburb) he's in. I also have an appointment today (Tuesday) for that MRI I've been putting off for the past six weeks due to my HORRIBLE Claustophobia! Hopefully the extra Xanax my GP told me to take will kick in prior to the test and keep me sedated through the whole thing!! Then there's the two day wait afterwards to get the results. As probably "normal" for someone going through this, I'm TERRIFIED about finding something in the MRI results, however, as much as It'll be a relief knowing there's nothing there, it will still be the fear of "then what can this be" and when and "if" this will ever get better! That's why I would like to discuss all this with this Nathan ("Naten"?) Scher.
I hope everything goes Well with you in your pursuit of getting Better!! I wish you only the BEST!
Hi Hbep,
Can't thank you enough for the tip! I'll definately look this guy up and try and set up an appt.. Just got back from my much dreaded MRI and have to say, it was'nt that bad at all! Of course I took an extra dose of my Xanax. But still I was awake although fairly well sedated enough to get through it no problem. Now I just have to wait till Thursday to get the results. I'm relieved that part is over so now I can move on to the next step in finding an answer to getting hopefully better soon! Again, Thanks alot hbep, you've been more then helpful in my quest of getting to the bottom of this!!! I wish you the best in getting and staying WELL!! Take care.