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I have been battling dyshidrosis for the past 13 years. Initially, it was diagnosed as either a fungus or an allergic reaction from something that I had come in contact with or ingested. My symptoms first occurred on the tops of my feet. I've seen many skin specialists over the years; obviously, dyshidrosis is an uncertain diagnosis for a disease that there is little understanding of. Initially, I believed I contracted this disease from contact of a diseased pond of which ducks once lived and had since been removed because of a disease. Over the years, my symptoms moved to the soles of my feet. The nodules first blister and itch then break open, ooze, still itch, scale over, scaling then peels, exposing red tender skin. This only happens once my stress level is reduced, I've gotten sleep, and my overall health is improved. Over the years, this has moved to my hands, both feet, and in extreme cases my back, arms, chest, groin area, buttocks, and had only been diagnosed with a recent biopsy taken 60 days ago. This disease has gotten increasingly worse with time, as has my stress level and nervousness, tension, anxiety. In addition, the worse my case becomes the more stressed out I become, which starts a tumbleweed effect. Presently, I have found Prednisone oral taper has been the best fix, although the taper doesn't last quite long enough to completely heal this condition. Trust me, I have tried all the creams, all the anti-fungals, ispropyl alcohol, dom burrows soaks... Nothing helps like Prednisone. I have also had multiple cortisone shots, which had a limited effect, but did not work anywhere near as well as Prednisone. I had seen dermatologist specialists that recommended against Prednisone and refused to administer. Presently, I am seeing a primary care physician who had no problem in prescribing it for me. I am currently taking Xanax, Paxil CR, Atarax which got changed to Vistaril, all in addition to the Prednisone. The anti depressants caused me severe insomnia which in turn increased my stress level and caused me to break out. Now, I am in search of sleep help. Are breakouts caused by stress? In my opionion... ABSOLUTELY!! Better overall well being and total health, along with a lowered stress/anxiety level seems to work as well as Prednisone.