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I definitely agree that there are some terrible doctors out there. Some of them should not be practicing medicine. A good example is a doctor that my grandmother used to see. She needed a prescription for Xanax, which can only be written on a special triplicate prescription form because it is a narcotic. These forms apparently cost more money that regular forms and the doctor actually had the nerve to charge her for the prescription form because he was remodelling his office!

But they are not all bad. You have some doctors like my ophthalmologist who cares so much that he readily gives out his cell phone number and will come into the office any time, day or night to treat a patient with an emergency. He agonizes over every treatment decision and test, and comforts and consoles me when I am afraid or in pain. He has held my hand through many procedures and I consider him a friend as well as a doctor. He also wants to know about every other aspect of my health and has spoken with several doctors on my behalf.

Then you have my intenist/GI specialist. I've been seeing him for almost 10 years (since I was about 14) and he is like a long lost uncle. I needed surgery and was in the hospital for 5 days. He came in to see me as often as he could, and when he couldn't get there he called and spoke with me and the other doctors who were treating me. My surgeon (who is also wonderful) had a half an hour long conversation with him over whether or not I should have surgery. In the end it was decided that I needed surgery plus another procedure, to be done by my internist/GI specialist. He rubbed my back and sang to me while they were putting me to sleep for the surgery and when I woke up, his was the first face I remember seeing. Recently I was told I may have MS. He admitted to me that he doesn't know much about it, but to call him if I just need someone to talk to or to cry to.

Neither one of the two doctors I just spoke about are old. My internist is probably only about 50, and my eye dr is 31. But they both come from the old-school type thinking that says a patient should come first no matter what. My eye dr refuses to even charge me co-payments.

I've had my fair share of doctors that suck. I just left them behind a long time ago.

There definitely are some doctors out there who need to develop a bedside manner. In fact, a lot of them should have to spend a night in the hospital themselves so they can find out how scary it is. A lot of them leave a lot to be desired. But I do have a few really great doctors as well.

So to all of the doctors out there who only see dollar signs when a patient walks in I have one thing to say: change professions because you don't belong in the medical field where compassion needs to be the first priority.

To Dr. Mostafavi and Dr. Shaps, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful treatment, compassion and friendship through the years. I don't know what I would do without you.