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I suffer from acute sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. My whole family (on my mom's side) has been afflicted with allergies all our lives.

Anyway, I have also had a cold lately and the other night my nose was very stuffed up and that night as I was laying there drifting off to sleep I became aware of this huge ball of thick mucous stuck up in my sinuses but rather than getting up to blow my nose, I just fell right to sleep and the next morning it was gone so I figured maybe it went down into my lungs overnight because 2 days later (today) my lungs feel "heavy" and I can't catch my breath too good at all (like they were full of thick syrup or something).

I'm also swallowing a lot and it feels like there is a "lump" in my throat or like my throat has either narrowed or thickened so it feels strange when I swallow. Also, I'm having anxiety and panic attacks with this and it got so bad that I ended up taking a xanax a little while ago.

Does this sound familiar and is it possible to have all of these symptoms at (or around) the same time?

- Thank's