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Thank you for your VERY helpful post!. I am curious (and alarmed) about something you said though and the urgency with which you said it. You said that I should definately see a doctor right away. When I read this I was thinking "OMG...could it be THAT bad and has Snowmelt had expereince with these white spots her/himself at some point and knows I'm about to die?". Could you please clarify what you meant exactly so I won't worry?. Sorry, that's all I ever do is analyze what people say and then constantly fret and worry about it (it's nothing against you or anything - just a problem I have).

The receptionist said the surgeon will be contacting the ENT and that she would call me once this has happend and that I will then to to contact my primary care physician so that they can get medicaid authorization for this ENT (who does not accept medicaid patients but might be able to make an acception). Can they do this?. Can a doctor who does not accept medicaid patience and is not enrolled in the medicaid program just sort of arbitrarily accept a patient here and there and bill medicaid for it through some special arrangement?.

Oh, I wanted to also mention that I have a tendency to be very inquisitve and precocious and have been since I was a small child. This means that if I'm going into surgery, I will have a long list of questions for the doctor. Once these questions are answered I will obscess over the whole thing to the point where I will call them up over and over again and ask even more questions, etc. I always thought I'd make one heck of a lawyer, not because I'm so smart or anything but because I could probably cross-examine a whitness so relentlessly that they'd soon be throwing their hands up in the air saying "Yes, I did it!!!...I did it!!!".

Anyway, doctors get paid little or nothing by medicaid (medicare pays much better and I don't have it) and I think doctors get annoyed at the idea that here's some guy drilling them with questions and that such a person is liable to be a "problem patient" and perhaps even start nitpicking and even sue at some point. When you figure that medicaid pays very little and the doctors who accept it have to go through reams of paperwork, government regulations and requirements, it just not worth the hassle and more and more doctors are now no longer accepting medicaid patients at an alarming rate (dozens in my own county in just the past few years). Even the medicaid office acknowledged this.

I know what is wrong with medicaid and I know how to fix it but I won't get into politics here (here's a hint: no 87 billion dollar fund to fight foreign wars under false pretenses and recind the 1.2 trillion dollar tax giveaway to the top 2% so that these funds can be used to prop up our failing health care system and provide at least some incentive for doctors to accept medicaid patients). If I was a doctor myself (and I'm not) I would'nt want to do a biopsy on some guys mole for 1/3 what private insurance pays either. How do I pay for overhead, malpractice insurance, meet employee payroll, rent, equiptment and much more on that??. I think Gebhardt's (sp?) plan is similar to what mine would be but then again, I'm not running for any public office (accept office of the poor and disnfranchised).

The last thing I wanted to say is that I am a very nervous, type-A person who constantly frets and worries over everything. For example, the receptionist for my primary care physician called this afternoon and told me the doctor wanted me to come in for a re-check "at my convenience". Now most normal people would just say "thank you" and never give it a second thought but instead (and as usual) I started freaking out thinking it was a trick to get me to come down there because there was some huge FBI sting or that they wanted to trap me down there so they could commit me to a psyco ward or that they dicovered that I had some horrible disease. So I went berserk and called them over and over again asking them all kinds of crazy questions until I finally got calmed down (they actually had to calm me down). I had to take a xanax afterwards just to pull myself together. They probably thought I was nuts and this has been the story of my life (paranoid, fearful, worry-wort, hypochodriac, depressed, anxious, you name it!).

Well, thank's for responding (I really appreciate it a LOT).