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Quote from dustin1234:
I heard someone claim they had the symptom of "brain fog"... and that hit home as a perfect explanation of how I have been feeling. Someone also said they felt like a "retard" which is another good explanation of how I feel.

Hi Dustin.

That was actually me who posted here awhile back and said that I had "foggy head" and it felt like I was "retarded" and like my IQ sometimes took a nose-dive, etc. I had no idea this would prove to be such a popluar description that a new post would emerge from it covering several pages of discussion but hey, I'm cool with that and happy to see that a LOT of people are talking about this most aggravating symptom that often occurs with anxiety and allergies.

I have continued to experience brain fog (and all the other symptoms) I described awhile back to some degree and at the moment I feel pretty "foggy". It's as if your brain was in some sort of hypnotized stupor and all you can do is stare blindly ahead like a deer caught in the headlights. It's like your brain is trapped in another dimension. Sometimes I use a facial expression with my eyes crossed, my head tilted sideways and my tongue hanging out to visually describe to other people what I feel like during these periods. You just feel like one of those saturday morning cartoon characters who got wacked in the head and now there are little tweetybirds (or buterflies) circling around your head). Some other descriptions I use are...

1) Feels like my brain has been pickled in vinegar
2) Feels like my brain has been anesthetized or is just "numb"
3) Feels like my brain is in a stupor
4) Feels like my brain is swimming in thick syrup
5) Feels like my mind and thoughts are not clear

Anyway, it's uncomfortable, that's for sure!. I have tried lots of black coffee in the hopes that it would "wake" my brain up. I've tried Xanax and stimulants. Sometimes they work and other times the results are dissapointing. I hope someday someone can tell me what this is. Well, I'm off toread some of these posts...

Take care:)