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Hi !

I just discovered this site today in the search for information on St Johns Wort. I have recently been suffering from somthing, i dont know what it is, but my instincts tell me anxiety. I was talking to some friends in serch of answers to what is going in with me and they suggest St Johns Wort. I feel like its a big puzzle and im trying to put the peices together.

About a month ago i was really stressed about my job and was haveing very bad nightmares, they would wake me up out of a dead sleep and i would be wide awake. this happened to me three nights in a row.One morning i woke up at 6:30AM and could not fall back to sleep, i got up and started getting things together to begin looking for a new job, i then went to starbuks, later that day i began to have what i think was a caffine indused anxity attack (havent drank coffe since), i had a really bad head ache, i felt nauses, i was driving down the street and all of a sudden evrything felt sureal, i couldnt stop thinking my head felt like it was going to explode. Later that day i started to get chest pains, i decided i was in the wrong state of mind to go job hunting so i went home and went to bed. i awoke to another night mare in the middle of the night and this one disterbed me so much i had to call someone for comfort. That day i got a Xanax from my mother, i went to bed that night and was fine, i woke up feeling great.

That was the last of it untill two weeks ago, i was driving down the street and i started to get very pannicy, i then went out to lunch and while i was sitting in the restaraunt everything i heard was in echos, i was finally able to get myself out of it. then about a week later it started happneing again, now it dosnt happen for a long period of time but it comes and gows often. While im at work im fine but once the weekend comes these spells come to.

I have done alot of thinking to try to figure out what could cause this because its not specific, it just happens when it wants to.

About 2 1/2 months ago i quit smoking pot, i was a daily smoker for about 4 years before this and i wonder is this has anything to do with it.

I would love to hear any feed back to help put my puzzle together!