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Hello Alavonne

I have been dealing with Chronic Pain for 3 years. My anxiety go so bad about four weeks ago that I was having two a day, skip a few days and have another. If you have them you know what it puts your body through. I have been seeing pain manag. for months now, and taken out of work in March not to return per all of my doctors. He sent me to a Physiatrist for medications for the anxiety. He said he would deal with the pain part but wanted me to see Physiatrist for the anxiety that was his specialty. I was put on Seroquel 25 mg and 4 xanax a day along with my other medications from Pain Mang. I must say I have not had another bad attack since starting the Seroquel. I've tried the paxil, buspar, and all the others in the past with no results other than my skin crawling or just feeling wierd.

Who is prescribing the medication for your anxiety? How bad are the attacks?

Hope this helps