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Could possibly be from the ambien.

I was on it for about a week straight and experienced the same thing, I also have the same things happen to me while on xanax now.

Funny how the meds can make you worse off than you were to begin with. :confused:
[FONT=Times New Roman]Thanks for the nice response, "off_thedeepend"... I came "west" from Carolina after Viet Nam, myself...

My "shrink" (pdoc?) had warned me off of Xanax and Klonopin after similar experiences with them. I had horrible experiences (pre-diagnosis) in the mid-80's with Halcion ~ which sent me into mega-paranoia (I heard that more than a few homicides were later attributed to Halcion - thank God I didn't commit one of those !!!)...

The "morning after", I invariably wake up with a crunching headache (with Ambien)...

I absolutely loved your statement about the cure often being worse than the disease !!!

Have a great day, and a splendid Christmas !!!

~ Mike (aka Arch :angel: Michael ~ but only on non-paranoic days !!!)[/FONT]