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I feel for you my friend. I've had panic attacks for years and they are no fun, that's for sure. I'll have a mole on my arm or something and then I start thinking about it real hard, going to medical sites on the internet, reading "mole horror stories", etc and within an hour I just KNOW in my mind that I am going to die of cancer. In fact, by this time I have already begun to mentally plan my funeral arrangements, what my "last words" will be, etc. Then this horrific feeling of certain doom and gloom comes over me and I just feel like it's the end of the world.

It does'nt help that I am a hypochondric or suffer from OCD, GAD and depression either...ugh!. Anyway, I know just where your coming from bud. If you don't want to take an SSRI (which can have some pretty severe side affects) I would definately ask your doctor for some Buspar and possably Xanax to get yourself under control. Xanax will bring immediate and powerful relief while the Buspar will bring long term relief for your symptoms. Give em' a try and good luck!.

- Me