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benzos and/or antidepressants are the main anxiety meds, a lower dose of klonapin taken only as needed should help, or try another benzo such as xanax, which doesnt stay as long in your body
anticonvulsants are sometimes used for anxiety, but mainly for panic attacks,also these can have heavy duty side effects

learning relaxation and stress managment also helps a lot, books on overcoming social phobias and social anxiety will have useful advice
Quote from psychosid47:
I have been sick the last 4 years with several things that eventually disrupted my autonomic nervous system. Luckily now, everything seems to working well again and I think my body has healed itself. However, I still have a constant anxiety feeling that causes a lot of pressure and tenseness all over my body. It never leaves and gets worse around people. I have tried close to all of the SSRI's and some norepinephrine(remeron and strattera) pills. None of them have had any effect on my anxiety. I was taking 2-4 mgs of klonopin for a while but I quit it 2 months ago because it was really screwing with my concentration. Any of you have any suggestions for other types of drugs I should try? If I have already tried all the SSRI's and benzo's with no luck what is the next class of drug that may help?

Dear psychodid47,
I would go back on the Klonopin and try taking the minimum dosage required to stop the constant anxiety feelings just as I think Hry33 said.
If this does not work, then you probably should go to xanax like I am on but only the dosage that you need. You are always going to have a little anxiety and lets call it panic symptoms, not anxiety. If you are having pressure and tenseness all over your body and I guess you are meaning muscle spasms or tightening the xanax will help this. It will stop just about any panic symptom that you can name but not to be abused. I also take neurontin, a dose of 300mg, 4 times a day. This medication is contiversal to its effects but was approved for a supplement to anti-siezure medications by the FDA. I do find that when I take the xanax and the neurontin around the same time, 4 times a day, it does take away the cramping, and pains of muscles and joints, adrenalene rush, tingling and nervous feelings, etc. I worked with the xanax for 5 years and it did sedate me for about a week and then I was okay as far as concentration. Again only take the lowest dose you need. Try the Kolonopin first, it is easeir to take one or two doses a day. Xanax is basically the last tablet resort. General rule is: 1 to 3mg for anxiety and 4mg or more for panic attack. You should start with 0.25 three times a day and if that is not enough then 0.5mg three times a day, etc. Don't take more then you actually need. Everyone is different and the general rule is for information only. A lot of panic disorder is learning to control and manage to live with it, not the medications. Also don't take 2mg to 4mg a day with any of the benzos. Stable out at one level and learn to manage it. Moving up and down will be a constant battle that you can not win in public or the work sector. If you have depression from these attacks, a combination with an srri might be the answer for that and use one that also helps with anxiety. They may not have worked alone for you but will help in combination with a benzo to fight off both depression and anxiety. Remeron will do nothing at all for anxiety, it is for elevating mood, for depression only. I would not consider neurontin unless you have cramping, spasms, pains in the order of minor seizures, as I do. This is not a medication to be taken for anxiety or panic attack alone and it has some nasty side effects getting use to it. I hope this has helped you. Good luck


Sickman :) P.S. Why don't you move over to the Panic Disorder topic on this message board. You will get a lot more results on panic and anxiety medications and people with this problem.