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There are a number of alternative ways to approach the regulation of blood pressure and anxiety.
However, you need to look beyond the symptoms and look for the cause of your imbalance.
If your BP is high because you are anxious, then some relaxation techniques such as biofeed back or hypnosis might be helpful.
If your BP is mild then an adjustment in your diet with a good cardiovascular exercise program would be to your advantage.
Massage, within the guidelines for a hypertensive patient, and acupuncture for helping the energy flow more efficiently, is also a good choice.
However, if your BP is caused by an underlying organic problem or genetic predisposition, then medication can't be ruled out and your health and wellness depends on taking the right medication regularly with the addition of all of the above mentioned modalities done with respect to staying on your medication as per Doctors orders.
With anxiety being an attendant problem you have to understand what causes that anxiety.
Is it fear and unresolved life issues? Or might it be a tachycardic heart revving up your cardiovascular system and making your heart pump too fast mimicking an anxiety attack. You have to work with your doctor to differentiate a heart rhythm problem from an anxiety attack.
Also, ones blood sugar plays an important role in these problems and the occurance of blood sugar spikes or drops might be an undiagnosed problem.
I have had numerous blood sugar tests done and my blood sugar levels always come out perfect on a morning fast.
However, during a specific glucose tolerance test it's a whole different story of a very dangerous nature.
My blood sugar falls dangerously low on the Glucose Tolerance Test. I now take an anti diabetic medication to keep my self from going into a sugar low coma. However, until there was one Doctor who was wise enough to run an exact and specific test, everyone thought I was having chronic anxiety and I was put on Xanax for the problem.
Well, now I have specific medication to address my heart rhythm problem and my low blood sugar problem and Xanax is a non issuse. My heart is no longer pounding out of my chest and I am no longer crankey and irritable and shakey and disoriented.
So, get a good total medical assessment and stay on the meds you need for any real medical condition that warrents medication care and incorporate a wellness plan with exercise and diet modification to allow your health and wellness to be their best.
With both anxiety and HBP exercise will be your best and most holistic friend anyway.
How we care for our HBP/Anxiety conditions depends more on our physical activity and diet than any suppliment anyway.