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Hi all,

I've always wondered about milk thistle for the liver. A question for anyone who may know: Right now I'm taking a fairly high dosage of xanax, and am concerned about the effects it may be taking on my liver. Will taking milk thistle be beneficial for me? From what I understand it helps detoxify the liver, so I'm assuming it would be a good thing for me, but any input would be appreciated!
Since Xanax is fairly new to the market, I really can't give an honest answer about using Milk Thistle along with it.
I definitely agree that we need to find a drug/herbal interaction guide, that would be really helpful. I also wondered if there would be interations between xanax and milk thistle, which has prevented me from taking it. Luckily, I have FINALLY [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/bang.gif[/img] found a naturopathic doctor in my area- I'm going to see him next week for a 2 hour appointment, Im so excited. Boy do I have a ton of questions for him!