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I also agree with Graciecat. See your doctor. I have been dealing with anxiety for about a year now and just a month or so ago I finally went to see my doctor about it. True, they may not be as sympathetic as a psychiatrist (I'm not for sure on this, because I have yet to see one, but am not against it either) but they can atleast run medical tests for you to make sure there isn't any underlying illnesses. My doctor ran a thyroid test for me and in the mean time gave me a very low dose (.5 mg) of Xanax. My tests came back normal and so far I have only taken 4 of the pills. I would really recommend some kind of therapy before medication, because even though I just started and seem to have the meds under control, there is always a lingering fear that I might need to up the dosage or that it will become uneffecive eventually. Good luck.