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i know you were asking maybe helpful, and i am sure she will respond as she is such a guardian angel. i just wanted to add my 2 cents as well. i felt the same way you do, in fact in many ways i feel the same right now. i had had 10 different partners pre marriage and i 9 of them were unprotected. now granted most of them were with boyfriends, but some of them had quite the sexual past before being with me and i never thought about HIV. i was with one boyfriend for 3 years and he was awful to me. he slept arond on me all the time and i was too dumb, scared and blind to do anything about it. i finally got out of that relationship and met my now husband shortly there after. i actually did ask him his status and testing time frame because of learning about my ex's practices. he assured me he was negative and i thought about my possible status, but did nothing about it.

i didn't even get tested when i found out i was pregnant, i guess i was too scared. i know that sounds so stupid, but i figured that i would have symptoms by now or something like that. ANYWAY......i didn't give it much more thought until 6 weeks after my son was born. i developed a huge infection in my colon. the type of infection i got was called typhlitis and it is almost awlways seen in patients with AIDS or Leukemia. i even got oral thrush and night sweats. i was in serious condition for 8 days. talk about freaked out. i thought that they had tested me for HIV in the hospital, but they assumed i had been tested while pregnant. so then i was even more freaked out because it was like "what else could have caused that" as the doctors were at a loss.

so i got tested. it was negative 18 months after being with the bad boyfriend. so i knew it had to be right, but i was still having GI problems. every little pang i got i thought that the infection was comming back and that i am dying. this is still going on to an extent. Maybehelpful was wonderful to me assuring that i was ok. she really made a big difference.

i did go to the doctor and got some anxiety medication called xanax, it really helped me with the panic i was feeling over my GI problems. you have to understand that the infection i had has a 50-100% mortality rate, so my brain is messed up not knowing why or how i got it.

i am now off the meds, still have illness anxiety but it is much better. i am going to a medicinal chiropractor that is actually helping my GI tract and keeping busy. i just wanted you to know that you are not alone, and that medication really helped me alot. you don't have to live like this. there is help for you and you are NOT HIV+