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Thank you for your response. I will check the link out.
Do you not take any meds at all? My doc has given me low doses of xanax to take when I do freak out and it definately helps the depersonalization, but I don't want to have to rely on this. I would love to just make it through a day without it hitting me.

Good luck to you. If the Zoloft helps me I will be sure to post here that it has helped.
No I don’t take any medication, they prescribed Prozac and Xanax, the Prozac I couldn’t take, the Xanax helped me a bit but is very addictive so I stopped. I'm trying to fight it without medication. It’s not easy but I hope that finally I will succeed. To be honest I’m afraid of taking med. Only thinking about meds I imagine myself taking those meds all my life. I read a few posts around here and people are on medication for 7-10 years. I just cannot accept that. Hope the Zolof will help you. Angel
I am currently taking Zoloft (25mg). I started out at 50mg and began feeling better within just a couple weeks. I still pop a .25mg xanax when i feel really out of it but, no complaints from the zoloft. I just lowered my dose to 25mg and still no probs. Have not had side effects at all...well, after missing a dose I did. Not as bad as missing a dose of Paxil but, still was not a great feeling:) Anyway, I think the Zoloft allowed me to "get my mind right" which in turn did wonders for my anxiety. It's very hard to be yourself when your body just won't give you 5 minutes to think about it.

I hope it works out for you!

depersonalisation is often caused by anxiety, antidepressants sometimes reduce anxiety but can actually cause derealisation as an early side effect for the first few weeks, along with making the anxiety worse, xanax as needed will help, also look up lightheadedness, which can be confused with depersonalisation

obviously you need to relax and learn better stress managment skills