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I have severe GAD. Recently I've started having palps that can't be explained. Every heart test in the world has been performed (EKGs, blood tests, chest xrays, echocardiograms, etc), and everything shows normal heart function and blood flow. No high blood pressure or cholesterol.

My doc wants to try a low-dose beta blocker to try and block the stress hormones and adreneline reactions to my heart muscle. I've always heard horror stories about beta blockers. Once you start, you can't ever get off them. I'm also taking a low daily dose of xanax. I dont wanna up the xanax dosage.

Does anyone have any info? Has anyone ever used them for anxiety problems? Did it work? What other side effects? Did you ever get off?

SOrry for all the questions....I need help !

beta blockers are useful foa anxiety problems and have been in use for a long time, Ive never heard any horror stories, you must be confusing them with other meds, you can keep taking the xanax with them