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Having been on both benzos (Xanax) and beta blockers, specifically propranolol, I would say that the longer term side effects for the beta blocker is less. I have weaned off the Xanax (but still suffer its occasional withdrawal side effects which can be quite unpleasant) and in the process of (trying very hard!) weaning off the propranolol!

Beta blockers are prescribed in small doses (typically 10mg of propranolol) for "stage fright". At these small and infrequent doses, it is unlikely that you will have many (if any) of the side effects listed, which affect differrent people in different ways. Propranolol works fast (typically within 20-90 minutes) and is "washed out" of our system quickly as well (in medical terms, it has a short "half life"). You will feel less jittery and your heart will beat slower (thereby indirectly making you feel "calmer").

This of course is not a recommendation for you to take propranolol or benzos to manage your "stage fright". You'll need to discuss with your doctor what's the best option for you as taking medication is never desirable (unless to control an existing permanent medical condition) and getting hooked on them is the last thing you want to happen.

Good luck in furthering your career!