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I have wrote a letter to my fiance's Dr. and would like to know as soon as possible if it will bring about a possible resolution for the "Man I Love" so he can get on with his life and career.

He is 45 years old and has just obtained his BA in English and is now doing another year for his BiLingual Credentials that he will need to actually teach. He has dropped out or had failing grades more than half of his college career. He did not start doing bad in college til he went to Dr. for anxiety and was put on xanax.

Here is the background: He has been on xanax 4x's day total 5mg day, trazadone for sleep at night 200 (sometimes 3 or 400)-> Dr. said he could if he really is having a bad emotional time, and also takes 1200-1800 mg. per day Ibuprophen, Levoxyl, Flunisolide, vitamin supplements occasionally, etc. He went to Dr. 1 1/2 months ago while taking Risperdol, (which I told him not to and what it is doing to him to no avail. . - there are many others I will fill you all in on later) and fled to his friends house in a complete and total wreck (times 100,000 if you know what I mean) was refered by this Dr. I want to send letter to, to the County Mental Hospital, etc. which his Dr. G (I will refer to him as such for future reference) was no longer going to be his primary Psych but the other one would. County Dr. prescribed Lorazapam .5 mg 1-2 tabs up to 3x per day. He only lasted a couple of weeks (so far as I know) and was back to Dr. G with the good ol' X. My heart is broken and see no other way for him to really get off this _hit and not live in a constant state of withdrawl and near overdose!!!!

Anyways, should I send letter to Dr. G letting him know that I feel he has done a wonderful job in helping my fiance but now I feel he really needs more than that. (F wont go to any counseling or try to better himself socially or cognitively) and says that the Dr. (s) are making it worse for him.

Thank you in advance you all for your love and support!

PS I am leaving in a few to go to the Dr.s apt he had set for himself!!!!!