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Hi everyone, here's my story,

Four weeks ago, I had slight dizziness, :confused: hit me like a ton of bricks. It would go away for days. Then all of a sudden, one morning, it was there permanantly. Not room spinning, like a constant dizzy pressure in my head. I had weakness in my legs, and a heartbeat sound in my head. I stayed in bed for 4 days. My General practice gave me antivert. Didn't work, and made me soooooooooo drugged. Went to the doctor again a week later, he thought I had a sinus infection(even though I wasn't stuffed up) and gave me levaquin.
I felt on top of the dizziness, that anxiety was playing a part of it. At times my heart would race and I would get very worked up. Anyway, I wound up in the ER because I couldn't deal with this anymore, the doc said it was anxiety, and gave me a xanax and a prescription for lexapro.
A week later, I am in the same boat. Still not one ounce better. I saw an neuro this week and am waiting for my appointment for an MRI and that inner ear water test.
Does this sound familiar? My eyes bother me the most I think. The second I read something, I get so dizzy! I haven't been in a store in three weeks. When does this end? Please help!
Thank you for your response. I was in the slightest car accident 3 months ago, could this have triggered it? This is the most horrible thing to go through. Is there anything that I can do to get through the day? Xanax works for a little while, but I don't want to get addicted.
Thank you to anyone out there who can help!