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Hi, thanks for getting back to me. My dizziness was never vertigo either. It is more like a constant weird pressure dizziness, and when I get all freaked out about it, it gets worse. I waited for 9 hours in the emergency room to be seen when this whole thing started.When I finally got there and spoke to the doctor, I requested a cat scan of my brain and sinus, and he said this to me " I don't think a girl from long island needs any more radiation, here's a xanax, and call a shrink, it's definitley anxiety" I freaked out! So that is how I wound up on paxil. I get like a throbbing pulsing dizziness, and I feel pressure in my head and sometimes behind my nose. I was on levaquin for 6 days in the beginning because my GP thought it may be sinus related, but I stopped when the doctor in the ER said it was " anxiety". Do you feel better now? What is your dizziness like? ;)