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Sorry to hear you feel so bad. Yes a few times over the years my panic attacks have left me in the state you describe. I literally was laying on the floor one time and my husband had to call my psychiatrist at 3:00 a.m. I was so scared and afraid and hyper that I was throwing up and could not stop.

My psychiatrist phoned in a stronger dose of the Xanax I was on at the time. You really need a tranquilizer at this time--it does just what it says, it stops your adrenaline rush and CALMS YOU DOWN :eek: and :bouncing: to :cool: !! My skin was even hypersensitive, I couldn't stand to be touched by anything. My psychiatrist said that I had developed a hypersensitive central nervous system in addition to or because of the severe anxiety and panic disorder.

It will abate. Even this high stage of anxiety is self limiting. See your doctor and continue to focus--this will in time let up. Peace and Good Luck