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Please DO tell.I'm checking in tomorrow afternoon,and I'm starting to get the willies.....please include info about WD's and how you feel NOW,particularly regarding the pill WD.I'm a 7-9 lortab a day guy with a couple of xanax.I don't really abuse alcohol,and have only dabbled (recently) in other drugs (morph,perc,val).
Thanks for answering, Tryin!

I detoxed at home with the help of an addictionologist. He gave me Neurontin for the restlessness and the help stabilize my moods, Provigil which acts as a stimulant to help me with the fatigue, Xanax for anxiety, sleep, and I was on Lexapro already.

I was "depressed" before I started abusing pain meds. I became depressed after the birth of my first child (6) but became pregnant so quick with my second (when my first was 9mos. old), I didn't take anything for depression. After my second (4) was born, I was as depressed as ever and instead of taking what was prescribed for it, I realized, "hey, these pain meds make me pretty happy- I'm not depressed on them" and used them as my anti-depressant. Luckily, my tolerance stayed very low because I became pregnant again and had to stop using, but, it never "bothered" me too much because I "got by" on the Darvocet my OB gave me (which was seldom). After my third (2) was born, went right back to using and my use hit the ceiling as fast as anyone could have imagined- ended up with a 25 a day habit. I did start the Lexapro after my third was born, but what good did it do since I was abusing pills?????

I said all that to say, I don't know if this is "coming off drug depression" or worse????? I am just so miserable and don't know why! I can't stop crying and I should be happy?????

I also found out last week that I have a possible tumor on my ovary or uterus, so, that isn't helping, but I don't think that is what the problem is! I just don't know where to turn- saw my psychiatrist today with hopes of switching to Wellbutrin as I read alot of good things about it and he didn't like that idea. I will see my addictionologist in about 10 days- maybe he can help- I wish someone could!

Thanks for your time and congratualtions on your success,