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Try Google search "palatal myoclonus", the quotes around lock in exact search. Also
try Essential or palatal tremor in quotes. There's enough info to confuse U. I have
intermettant EPT (essential palatal tremor) Dx myself & spent big $ @ neuro's w/ no
help other than I'm stressed. Da! PM is a tremor that to me, feels more like a yank
that gags, wakes me, pulls ears to `click'. ENT's have heard of it but that's abt it.
Same w/ neuro's. Muscle-relaxants help, 1mg Xanax stops it enough to sleep. If no
other symptoms but throat, you have PM/PT/EPT, pick 1. If just during day, it's the
essential. If waking you up w/ hard pulls, it's true PM. Mine has lessened but gets
triggered by anxiety from Dr's appts. I hate their arrogance! 1 tore up my print-out.
The cause is a nerve spasm. Yes, botox can help up to 3mo. if severe but U have to
know the Dr. is good. I went to a special tremor-disorder clinic. It only cost me $250
& a 3 hr. drive to say they don't treat throats! Yes, appt. was clear for PM. ETD just
happens. PM mostly is do to skull injury/surgeries. I had a surgery & 1 yr. later PM
started. Klonipin helps some but not me. Xanax wks. best for me. Any drug that can
sedate should help. Find the correct rx & wait. 90% of PM stops by 11mo. if stress is
cause. ETD seems to go forever & I haven't heard of a cure! It's a generic-term docs
use if tubes or ears act up frm inflammation, allergies, infections. Sadly, the best Dr's
of PM are in Italy or India. I've researched this till fingers got blisters. Hope I helped.