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Thanks so much for addressing the depression- I am really having a hard time! I called my psychiatrist in tears (his wife and I are friends) and he saw me yesterday but doesn't want to change my medication (Lexapro) until I have my ultrasound in July to determine what is on my ovary or uterus? He said that may be causing some problems? I just don't know if I can make it that long- when I told him this- he said to "up my Xanax?" I haven't been taking my Xanax as my anxiety seems to be in tow and don't want to take another addictive med if I don't need it, so, that disturbed me? Why take a "central nervous system depressant" when you can barely function from being depressed? Don't see the rationale there? Do you?

I would love to talk with you about your addiction- you will have to update me on how many of what you take! I haven't been following as many stories as I normally do since I have been so "down." So, fill me in and we'll talk!

Ahh, Bugs Bunny vs. Spongebob! My children are 6, 4, and 2, and yes, they are very much the Nickelodeon generation- Spongebob, Rugrats, Wild Thornberrys, etc. I bought a "Smurfs" video off the interent recently, as the Smurfs and Scooby-Doo were my favorites, and "introduced" it to my children and my six year old loved it for about one week and then she quickly returned to "her cartoons." Although, since Scooby-Doo has been "re-born," they do like to watch it! And I'll join right in! :)

Well, will be looking for your response and we'll talk more!
Hope you get a good night's sleep! I have a "little alarm clock" myself (my two year old). She wakes up and wants her "ba-ba-" which is her sippy cup! I keep trying to show her that she can open the refrigerator herself as Mommy will have put her ba-ba in their for her to get andshe can get back in her "good bed-" she doesn't buy it for a minute! :yawn:

Well, about my doctor situation. The doctor I was referring to that prescribed the Xanax (two years ago- never an abuse problem there) was my psychiatrist. He also prescribed my Lexapro two years ago- he is who I went to in tears yesterday or the day before??? My OB, who found the "cyst" or "tumor" or whatever is going on, doesn't realize how depressed I am. I was planning on sharing all this with her but was "whammied" with this "something is here that should not be here....." I lost all train of thought at that moment! She is probably the best doctor in my state- a waiting list just to have her for a doctor. So, with popularity comes WAIT for patients and unfortunately the absolute soonest they could do my ultrasound was July
14! I haven't been taking the Xanax though as I am too tired as it is- plus, just not feeling "anxious" (miserable maybe, but not anxious).

You asked about my children and I wanted to cry as I feel like the worst mother right now. I have no energy to play with them, my patience is not quite where it needs to be, I don't won't to go anywhere, etc. etc! My mom took them on an "outing" today- so atleast they haven't been stuck here with me all week. I have got to try and pull myself together for them tomorrow- just seems impossible. They are the most beautiful children- every single one of them (two girls and a boy) have these long, long eyelashes that would make a model kill over! People have actually accused me of putting mascara on my girls! I have naturally curly hair as well as my husband (his is more wavy) so both my girls have "Shirley Temple" curls! My son has my husband's "waves." I took them to have their picture made for father's day pictures and the photographer said I should have them in magazines! Wow, I could go on and on when it comes to my children! What mother wouldn't, huh? Enough bragging for tonight! LOL! Are you going to have anymore or is two enough for you? You mentioned diapers and come to think of it, I have had one it diapers for the past six years now- geezz!

Well, I can't even remember what I started off with (this email)? Oh yeah, being woken up so very early in the morning! Speaking of, and since it is almost midnight, let me try to get some sleep!

Anxious to hear your "story" and hope that I can help in some way! I appreciate your helping me! Talk later,