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Canada Chick,

Howard has had major problems with benzos because he used them for too long.

Agreed but would word this differently and say that I was "prescribed" the drugs for too long. I was told that I was at very little risk of addiction at the supposedly "small" dose I was at, .5 mgs of Xanax a day. Was never warned of the nature of the withdrawal symptoms, potential longevity of the same, or the often need to taper the drugs over a long period. No doc ever said the drugs should not be used for over a month. If I had had proper medical care the scenario here would never have occured. I was never out to party or "get high." I have a good life I worked very hard for and would not have knowingly put it at real risk.

Had I gotten the warning that those on this board are getting, prior to the year it took me to get addicted, I`d have dropped this drugs like a hot potato. If getting a buzz were the motive, I`d chosen alcohol or pain killers, much preferred. Ironically I`d have come out much better if I were out to get high. Would have been on something with a much easier withdrawal syndrome...